Play Therapy

Play is the natural way that children experience & make sense of their world.  It is the way in which they  express thoughts and feelings, develop social skills and learn self mastery.  Child Centered Play Therapy is  a  medium for children to express their feelings, explore  relationships, tell about experiences and their wishes.  Children often have difficulty trying to say in words what they feel or how experiences have affected them.  Through the toys and art materials, children can show their inner feelings through what they choose and how they play.  The Play Therapy room becomes a  safe place and a relationship of trust develops for the child with the Play Therapist. 
 Research has found Play Therapy  to be an effective therapeutic approach for a variety of children's difficulties including:
 ¨ Adjusting to family changes such as separation and divorce

¨ Making friends

 ¨ Excessive anger, fear, sadness, worry & shyness

 ¨ Aggression & acting out

 ¨ School difficulties

 ¨ ADD  &  ADHD

 ¨ Abuse & neglect

 ¨ Social adjustment issues

 ¨ Sleeping and eating difficulties

 ¨ Self concept & self esteem

 ¨ Trauma

 ¨ Grief & loss

 ¨ Autism (in cases other than severe autism)

 ¨ Chronic illness / hospitalization

 ¨ Physical symptoms without medical cause

 ¨ Bonding & Attachment issues

 ¨ Foster, adoption & identity issues

 ¨ Prenatal & Birth Trauma

 ¨ Selective Mutism

 ¨ Near Death Experiences